Application & Video Submission Deadline  報名及遞交視頻截止日期:   extended to 14 FEB 2024

Announcement of Results  比賽結果公佈日期:   10 MARCH 2024

Application Documents Required

Please submit the following documents with the Online Application 請在網上報名時連同以下文件遞交:

  •    Completed Online Application form 已填妥的網上報名表格
  •    Copy of ID Card / travel document 參賽者身份證明文件副本
  •    Video link on YouTube/Youku 視頻連結
  •    Copy of the music score(s) 曲譜副本
  •    Payment Receipt of the Application Fee 報名費銀行轉帳收據副本

Payment method 付款方法:

Bank transfer 銀行轉帳

Account name 帳戶名稱 : Concordia Music International Ltd. 國際啟詩音樂有限公司
Account no. 銀行帳號 : 817 885148 838
Bank 銀行 : HSBC匯豐銀行
Bank code 銀行號碼 : 004
Address 地址 : 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


A copy of the bank transfer receipt must be submitted with the application


For Overseas Contestants, all handling fees incurred in the bank transfer payment must be paid by the Contestant


Contestants will receive an automatic Confirmation Email acknowledging the Online Application submission. Please also check your spam mail folder in case you miss the email.



Online Application
Personal Information 個人資料
English name 英文姓名*
Chinese name 中文姓名
Gender 性別*
Male 男
Female 女
Date of birth 出生日期*
Identity Document No. 身份證明文件號碼*
Address 地址*
Tel. 電話*
Email 電郵*
School 學校*
Teacher’s name 導師姓名*
Teacher’s tel. 導師電話
Teacher’s email 導師電郵
Region 地區*
Hong Kong Contestant 香港参赛者
Non-Hong Kong Contestant 其他地區参赛者
Contestant’s ID Card / travel document
(JPG / PNG / PDF format)*
Competition Categories 比賽組別*
Piano 鋼琴
Voice 聲樂
Harp 豎琴

  Strings 弦樂

Violin 小提琴
Viola 中提琴
Cello 大提琴

  Woodwind 木管樂

Flute 長笛
Clarinet 單簧管
Oboe 雙簧管
Bassoon 巴松管
Saxophone 色士風

  Brass 銅管樂

Trumpet 小號
Horn 圓號
Trombone 長號
Please tick the appropriate category
Category 組別 Age 年齡 (as of 截至 31.1.2024) Application Fee 報名費
Young Artist A 4 – 6 歲 HK$550
Young Artist B 7 – 8 歲 HK$550
Young Artist C 9 – 10 歲 HK$650
Young Artist D 11 – 12 歲 HK$750
Young Artist E 13 – 14 歲 HK$750
Young Artist F 15 – 16 歲 HK$850
Young Artist G 17 – 18 歲 HK$950
Professional 19 - 25 歲 HK$1100
Please tick the appropriate category
Category 組別 Age 年齡 (as of 截至 31.1.2024) Application Fee 報名費
Young Artist I 4 – 10 歲 HK$550
Young Artist II 11 - 14 歲 HK$750
Young Artist III 15 – 18 歲 HK$950
Professional 19 – 25 歲 HK$1100
Repertoire 比賽曲目*
Name of Piece(s)
Video Link 視頻連結*

Please submit the YouTube / Youku link with the application 請上載視頻連結

Music Score 曲譜上載*

Please upload Music Score 請上載曲譜 (PDF file)

Application fee 報名費
Each Contestant will receive a Digital Certificate. Contestant can request for Printed Certificate, the cost to be paid by the contestant.
Total Fee 總款項
Bank Transfer Receipt 銀行轉帳收據副本*

Please upload the bank transfer receipt with the application
請將銀行轉帳收據副本連同報名表遞交 (JPG / PNG / PDF format)

Declaration 聲明*
I declare that I agree to abide by the competition regulations, and that the information in the submitted application and accompanying documents are true and correct 本人同意遵守比賽的各項規則,並保證所填報和遞交的一切資料屬實和正確
I agree to receive Concordia Music International Ltd.’s latest news, competitions and events. 本人同意接收 Concordia Music International Ltd. 的最新消息、比賽及活動 。
Name of Contestant or Parent/Guardian 參賽者 或 家長/監護人簽名*

An automatic email receipt will sent to the Contestant after the application is submitted. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check the spam mail folder. 參賽者成功提交報名表格後,將收到自動電子郵件收據。如果您在收件匣中沒有找到該電子郵件,請檢查垃圾郵件資料夾。